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10 Hottest Kid-friendly Gadgets, October 2007

Extracts from this review: "Looking for educational tech for your tot? The Comfy Easy PC System lets toddlers play and interact with the lovable Comfy characters, while increasing their motor and cognitive skills."

The Comfy PC - Tech Gadgets for the Next Generation!, October 2007

Extracts from this review: "Does your little one LOVE to sit on your lap and punch the keys on the computer while you TRY to type your latest email or message post? Mommies, (and Daddies) you are not alone! Fear not, for now there is a computer system just for your toddler or preschooler."

Comfy Easy PC, October 2007

Extracts from this review: "The first learning aid for children as young as 12 months, Comfy Easy PC NG creates a unique, magical and interactive environment of education and entertainment that challenges and grows with curious young toddlers."

What's hot for tots, September 2007

Extracts from this review: "While some children's toys focus on cause and effect, Easy PC actually has a keyboard that when plugged into your computers USB port, interacts directly with the software running on your computer"

An Island review, November 2007

Extracts from this review: "The great thing about this system is the bold and colorful Comfy Characters that encourages your child to play along and interact with the program"

Bloggy Giveaways, September 2007

Extracts from this review: "Every child is fascinated with their parent’s computer, eager to hammer away on the keyboard"

Mums The Wurd, October 2007

Extracts from this review: "I like the "keyboard" with it's big, colorful buttons, each of which makes something new happen"

A Moms Review, October 2007

Extracts from this review: "If you are a mom who wants your toddler to have some quiet learning time and would prefer to not use the TV as the babysitter then I definitely recommend the Comfy Easy PC."

Lille Pumkin Reviews, October 2007

Extracts from this review: "So imagine my amazement when we test drove the Easy PC by Comfy for the first time"

Crazy Thought by Chelle, August 2007

Extracts from this review: "Comfy is a computer based educational system, that my kid ADORES ", February 2007

Extracts from this review: "Comfy Easy PC System: Tot Tested, Mother Approved", June 2007

Extracts from this review: "Parents who want to give their infants a very early start in computers can purchase a special keyboard for pudgy fingers, such as the Comfy EasyPC, and software designed specifically for babies younger than 2 years."

Punky, July 2007

Extracts from this review: "I love this product. My toddler loves this product. My older kids love this product. Oh, got your attention, hm? It's the Comfy Easy PC Learning system", June 2007

Extracts from this review: "The easy PC Learning System is a great way to introduce your toddler to the computer…"

PHAT Mommy, August 2007

Extracts from this review: "The Easy PC System…allow young children to enjoy and learn from various activities, without requiring reading skills or the ability to use a computer mouse…"


Extracts from this review: " So I'm not really one to throw things out there for people to try unless I'm just crazy about them. But in this case, that's exactly the situation…"

5 Minutes for Mom, August 2007

Extracts from this review: "Does your toddler want a Comfy Easy PC? Julia thinks they probably do… because she loves hers!..."

ToyTips!.com , July 2007

Extracts from this review: "Playing the games on the CD Rom enhance language skills, cognitive thinking and social individual learning." , July 2006

Extracts from this review: I highly recommend this product to ANYONE with a child ages 1-5. It's entertaining for both the child and the parent and allows your child to interact with your computer without you having to worry about any damage being caused. The Comfy PC earns 4.5 Geekheads out of 5 for Quality due to its ability to withstand pretty much any blows that my son threw its way. For Geekness the Comfy PC gets a solid 5 out of 5. The software is designed well, the characters are engaging and the fact that there are so many different languages is incredible. Kudos to the programmers for making such a solid interactive experience.Since I highly recommend the product to anyone with a child of this age range and the price is less than $100, the Comfy PC also earns a Pick., June 2006

Extracts from this review: "The toy provides my toddler with twenty minutes of fun while I'm making dinner and it's a nice alternative to TV. He feels pretty special being able to use his own keyboard without anyone saying, 'Don't touch my computer!' And I feel good that he is being introduced to computers and developing skills." "I would recommend this toy for other families, especially if your child is interested in computers. You might want to get a more advanced CD level to keep them engaged."

Toronto Star, February 2006

Extracts from this article: " engaging bit of childish computing in which the touch of a button triggers on-screen images on a dancing piano, a happy-faced puppy and an oddly hypnotic snail. As little fingers press each button, animated characters sing, dance, and laugh on the screen..." "...spend time watching a child interact with the device's character-driven software and it's hard not to concede something interesting is happening. Their eyes start into the alluring glow of the computer screen, Nurons fire, Creativity unfolds. There's an almost tangible connection forming between child and machine..." - Blumberg Radio, August 2005

Extract from this article: "...It's not exactly a keyboard, at least not the kind that you're used to. And the idea of letting a toddler near your computer may justifiably make you shudder. But a product called the Comfy Easy PC Keyboard, makes it safe and fun...", May 2005

Extract from this article: "Comfy Easy PC is a fabulous way to introduce toddlers to the concept of cause and effect. It provides an insulated computer environment filled with cute characters and bold graphics in which kids can learn motor, sensory, language and thinking skills as they play."

Toronto Star, December 2004

Extracts from this article: "...progress, not to mention the responses from the kids who tried out Comfy, suggests technology and computers can be part of young children's developmental processes, even at a very early age."


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